Primaeval first place winner 2014 indieDB

Primaeval came in 1st place in the Top Upcoming Indie Games of 2014 Players Choice contest
Big thanks to all voters!




In this update I show the implementation of Two-Handed Swords in addition to AI, combat and graphical improvements.

Two-Handed Swords are extremely slow and consume a lot of stamina, on the other hand they deal great damage with high limb slicing chance and cannot be disarmed, in addition they have a disabling impact on the enemy, meaning whenever a character takes a Two-handed sword hit it will be disabled for a short period of time.

Blocking Two-handed sword attack with a weapon has additional stamina cost, this gives Two-handed swords a great disarming ability as the disarming occurs when blocking an attack with a weapon while the stamina is lower than a specific threshold AND the attacker’s stamina at the same time.

Obviously a shield cannot be used along with Two-Handed Swords, but with the right timing Two-Handed Swords can efficiently be used to block enemies attacks. however, this become more difficult when engaging with more than one enemy.

Combat improvements

  1. 2 Handed sword implementation.
  2. Health magic spell: can only be casted on enemies that are in disabled state.
  3. Disarming feature: disarming occurs when blocking an attack with a weapon while the stamina is lower than a specific threshold AND the attacker stamina at the same time.
  4. Kick animation.


Graphical improvements

  1. custom character shader.
  2. animated bleeding wounds on character’s body, the wounds are aligned with the direction of the received hit.


AI improvements

  1. implementing disarming feature for AI.
  2. AI can use any weapon of any type.
  3. when disarmed AI will pick up the closest weapon of any type.
  4. more flexible and adjustable AI behavior.
  5. improved collision detection prevents AI from occasional overlapping with other objects.


That was all for this update, hope you like it and stay tuned.


The 3rd update is here and it’s all about Magic!

I’ve spent too much time trying to find a convenient way to integrate the magic combat system with the melee one, my goal was to give the player the ability to use both of magic spells and melee weapons and seamlessly switch between them.

The main problem is that the character wont be able to move during the process of entering the magic state because it will be playing the ritual animation and this will leave player exposed to all sorts of enemy attacks so to tackle that issue I’ve tried several ideas:

1) Reduce the entering process time by speeding up the ritual animation, didn’t help that much as the player still exposed to enemies.

2) protect the player with some kind of magic shield during the entering process. now the player is no longer exposed to enemies but entering process is still slowing down the combat pace.

3) Do some extra animation work and blend the ritual animation with navigation ones to allow the player to move freely during the entering process. by combining all of these ideas I got pretty satisfying result.

So in this Update I show the magic system in action and some other minor improvements

Symbol based magic system:

  • A magic spell may be represented by one or more symbols written on magic scrolls (more details in future updates).player has to remember the correct symbol that represents the spell he wishes to cast and draw it quickly to activate that magic spell.
  • Magic spell caching enables quick spell switching so player can strategically plan thier spells combos and attacks.
  • Smooth transition between Magic and Melee combat states keeps the flow of the over all combat engagement.
  • 2 magic spells Fire and Ice with one symbol for each

more info about the magic system will be revealed in future updates

Some minor improvements:

  • New “belt” system enables back sheathing secondary weapons and shields
  • Sparks on weapons colliding
  • Dust on blocking weapon with shield
  • New sword shader
  • New slaughter animation

That was all for this update, hope you like it and stay tuned for more.



Welcome to the 2nd update of Primaeval!

This update shows the Blunt weapon combat implementation and some animation and graphics improvements.

Blunt weapons have their own play style, They are slow and cost more stamina but they deal more damage and have bigger impact on the enemy.


New animations

  • 2 Rolling animations.
  • New dodge back animation.
  • Some improvements to other attack animations


Improvements to the melee combat system

  • player now stumble when missing heavy attacks.
  • ability to block with weapons.


Graphical improvements

  • Optimized shadows.
  • Bloom effect.
  • 9 pieces armor set for goblins, each goblin procedurally gets different pieces of the armor set.

Randomized armor

Plus tons of bug fixing and technical optimizations.


Hope you like this update and if you do please show some support and spread the word!



Welcome to the 1st update of Primaeval!


  1. Navigation system.
  2. Sword combat.
  3. Shield  combat.
  4. Troll AIs.
  5. Cutting off Limbs.
  6. Slow motion effect,
  7. Inventory system.
  8. Blood particle system


Revealing Wise Alien’s first project, Primaeval is a 3rd person action Adventure dungeon crawler game featuring interactive logic puzzles and engaging melee and magic combat system.


Melee Combat System

The game adopts a tactical real time physics based melee combat system with wide range of attacks and moves, where the player has the full control of his character, both successful and failure attacks have their respective consequences. in addition, the game features several types of weapons each with it’s own play style.

With 3 types of attacks ( normal, heavy and ultra) player can perform several attack combos as some attacks can be chained together depending on the player’s hand position at the end of the first attack and the start of the second one.

The melee combat system was designed to give the player a fairly rewording and fun experience, the bloody flying limbs of your enemies will guarantee you having great moments of excitements.


Magic Combat System

The magic system in Primaeval is a symbol based system and heavily relies on the player’s memory , a magic spell may be represented by one or more symbols written on magic scrolls. during combat, the player has to remember the correct symbol that represents the spell he wishes to cast and draw it quickly to activate the spell, otherwise the player will need to reopen the scroll and waist a precious time. drawing symbols mechanism  is still under active development!


Artificial Intelligence 

AIs in Primaeval were designed to be challenging and merciless, a horde of enemies wont’ tackle the player one by one but instead they’ll attack together whenever it’s possible and it’s the player’s job to tactically choose the best gameplay style to deal with this situation depending on his current equipments and weapons.



Primaeval has set of logical and mechanical puzzles designed to tease the player’s brain and sometimes frustrate him!

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