Welcome to the 2nd update of Primaeval!

This update shows the Blunt weapon combat implementation and some animation and graphics improvements.

Blunt weapons have their own play style, They are slow and cost more stamina but they deal more damage and have bigger impact on the enemy.


New animations

  • 2 Rolling animations.
  • New dodge back animation.
  • Some improvements to other attack animations


Improvements to the melee combat system

  • player now stumble when missing heavy attacks.
  • ability to block with weapons.


Graphical improvements

  • Optimized shadows.
  • Bloom effect.
  • 9 pieces armor set for goblins, each goblin procedurally gets different pieces of the armor set.

Randomized armor

Plus tons of bug fixing and technical optimizations.


Hope you like this update and if you do please show some support and spread the word!