Revealing Wise Alien’s first project, Primaeval is a 3rd person action Adventure dungeon crawler game featuring interactive logic puzzles and engaging melee and magic combat system.


Melee Combat System

The game adopts a tactical real time physics based melee combat system with wide range of attacks and moves, where the player has the full control of his character, both successful and failure attacks have their respective consequences. in addition, the game features several types of weapons each with it’s own play style.

With 3 types of attacks ( normal, heavy and ultra) player can perform several attack combos as some attacks can be chained together depending on the player’s hand position at the end of the first attack and the start of the second one.

The melee combat system was designed to give the player a fairly rewording and fun experience, the bloody flying limbs of your enemies will guarantee you having great moments of excitements.


Magic Combat System

The magic system in Primaeval is a symbol based system and heavily relies on the player’s memory , a magic spell may be represented by one or more symbols written on magic scrolls. during combat, the player has to remember the correct symbol that represents the spell he wishes to cast and draw it quickly to activate the spell, otherwise the player will need to reopen the scroll and waist a precious time. drawing symbols mechanism  is still under active development!


Artificial Intelligence 

AIs in Primaeval were designed to be challenging and merciless, a horde of enemies wont’ tackle the player one by one but instead they’ll attack together whenever it’s possible and it’s the player’s job to tactically choose the best gameplay style to deal with this situation depending on his current equipments and weapons.



Primaeval has set of logical and mechanical puzzles designed to tease the player’s brain and sometimes frustrate him!